What Our Clients & Partners Say...

Jorge was very honest, dedicated and professional. He advise me from the beginning and went through every step with clarity and honesty, if you follow all his advises, trust me you will become a homeowner in a blink of an eye. very dedicated and committed to his customers and his career.

- Jaime B. – Purchase 09/20/2016 -

A dream come true!!!! I recommend Jorge Malo 100% with all their professionalism and achievement experience that could buy my house, I started the process with very few aspirations, but with each passing day Jorge would get me all the confidence that could be possible, step by step gigantic achievement fulfill my dream. Thank you Jorge, you’re a great and I recommend you as a professional and a friend! Thank you, thank you, thank you, God bless you!

- Jacqueline D. – Purchase 08/2016 -

Jorge Malo is amazing! Once my husband and I decided to purchase a home we contacted Jorge. He was honest with us from the beginning. He wanted to help us get our dream home and told us exactly what we needed to do even though the honesty part was that it would take time. We listened to him and after almost a year of him dedicating his expertise and assistance to him we proceeded with the the loan. We did a VA loan. The loan process was very hectic. However day after day Jorge dedicated his time to us and kept us informed and led us to closing on our dream home! I am forever grateful for his knowledge, his time, and his patience. He is dedicated and very smart. if you want your dream home call him today and get it started. He will do what he says and he will make it happen! Vey honest and nice person also. Thank you Jorge!!!

- Stephanie D. – Purchase 07/2016 -

My husband and I closed on the purchase of our first home in June 2016. This dream came true for us largely because of the diligence, expertise, and proficiency of our loan officer Jorge Malo. Jorge has many years of experience in the business. He uses this experience to expertly guide a homebuyer through the grueling process of purchasing a home. Jorge is very organized and patient. He walks you through every step of the way, and he is very transparent about the process. You won’t have to worry if you are been cheated, as with Jorge’s humility, transparency and meticulousness you can confidently know you are getting the best deal! Jorge also fights for the best interest of his clients; he truly has your back. He helped us through many ups and downs when we were not sure what decision to make, and when we could not see the tricks of the industry. Jorge gave us sound advice that worked in our benefit. I would highly recommend any and everyone to Jorge. In purchasing your home, you want someone with experience, patience in answering your questions, and diligence in getting all the paperwork in the proper order. I must add we had absolutely no problems with underwriting because Jorge ensured all documents were properly in place, and no questions were asked by the underwriter because Jorge had all that was needed. We closed on our loan in a little less than 3 weeks! We are proud homeowners, and we are absolutely happy we chose Jorge. I wish I could put my number here for anyone to call me who wants to know more about my experience with Jorge… it was nothing short of the best. He is worth giving a call!

- S. Roberts – Purchase 06/2017 -

My experience with Jorge Malo, was amazing. Jorge is such a professional. He walked me though my home buying process with great finesse. I was so lucky to work with him. I am now a first time home buyer. I fell like he went the extra mile to make this process smooth, no regrets here. Thank you

- Shalita A. – Purchase June 2016 -