Jumbo Loans

Use My Florida Mortgages to Help You Find the Best Jumbo Loans at the Best Possible Interest Rates

My Florida Mortgages provides a variety of different mortgage types to fit the needs of every customer. Our jumbo loans (also known as non-conforming loans) in South Florida cater to those looking to obtain a mortgage for a home where to total amount of the loan sits outside of the industry norms.

South Florida clients looking to purchase a jumbo loan or mortgage are typically doing so because the amount of the mortgage they need to take out exceeds the industry limits set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which is $424,100.

Am I Eligible for a Jumbo Home Loan?

When applying for a jumbo loan, you will typically face the same qualification requirements that you would find in other conforming loans and mortgages. There are some minor differences, and there are actually cases where more flexibility with certain qualifying factors is allowed. Give My Florida Mortgages a call today to see if you qualify for a Jumbo Loan!

Jumbo Loan and Mortgage Interest Rates

Although this could always change depending upon market conditions, interest rates for jumbo mortgages actually fall in line with those of conforming mortgages. While the lender typically does take on a bit more risk due to the fact that they cannot sell the mortgages to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, current market conditions have interest rates for both types of loans in the same ballpark.

It is also important to note that you can obtain a jumbo mortgage with the same features as a conforming loan. If it makes more sense for you to take out an adjustable rate jumbo loan, you can do that. You can also get a jumbo 15 or 30 year fixed rate mortgage, so it is important to work with your mortgage lender to determine which will best fit your needs and which ones will cost you the least amount over the life of the loan.

Why Call My Florida Mortgages for all of Your Jumbo Loan Needs?

As with all of the other types of mortgages that we service, My Florida Mortgages has extensive experience servicing Jumbo Loans in Florida. If you are in the market for a jumbo mortgage or if you are not yet sure that you will qualify for one, let us help you out! We work with all different kinds of customers with different financial situations and we get them mortgages so they can purchase their dream home! Call us today at (954)-916-2742 to see what we can do for you.

Do I Qualify? Contact Us to Find Out!

It is not difficult to qualify for a mortgage. If you work with my firm, in general if you have a minimum income of about $30,000 annual and a FICO score no lower than 500 points, you should be fine.

I have all type of mortgage programs, so feel free to call me and let’s talk about your situation. After speaking with me you will know if you qualify or not, and what will be your next steps to buy your own home.