FHA Loans in Florida and FHA Mortgages

Get Approved For FHA Loans in Florida Today With My Florida Mortgages!

fha loans in floridaMy Florida Mortgages works with tons of clients to get them approved for FHA loans in Florida all the time. If you don’t think you’ll get approved for a mortgage, think again! FHA loans have less stringent approval guidelines and our experts will work with you, doing whatever it takes to get you approved for an FHA mortgage loan at the lowest possible interest rates.

What is an FHA Mortgage Loan?

FHA Loans in Florida are mortgages that are insured by the Federal Housing Authority, allowing lenders to approve mortgages for borrowers they normally wouldn’t be able to, and at lower interest rates. The borrower will pay for the FHA insurance which protects the lender from losses in the event that the borrower defaults on the loan.

In order to get approved for an FHA loan in Florida there are still qualifying factors that come into play such as income and credit score. Often times, anyone with a credit score of over 580 can get approved for an FHA mortgage with only a 3.5% down payment. Those with credit scores in the 500-579 range will typically be required to put a downpayment of 10% or more down. Credit scores of 500 or less, or those without sufficient credit will typically not be eligible for an FHA loan in Florida unless there are other circumstances at hand. Call us today to learn more about FHA mortgage approval and see how we can get you approved for a mortgage today!

Why Choose My Florida Mortgages for Your FHA Mortgage Loan?

The reason is simple. We provide FHA loans at incredibly low rates and our process is quick and painless. For those that don’t have a ton of money to put down on a house, or who have less than perfect credit and our concerned about whether they’ll get approved for a mortgage loan or not, don’t worry!

We work with all sorts of clients in every type of financial situation and find a way to get them approved for a Florida FHA loan in the shortest time possible. Even if your credit isn’t high enough to get approved for an FHA loan, call Jorge today and he’ll help instruct you on what to do to raise your credit score quickly and effectively. We’ll help get your credit score up as fast as possible so we can get you approved to buy that new home!

Allow the experts at My Florida Mortgages to guide through the FHA loan process and find the best FHA mortgage for you at the lowest possible interest rates. Not sure if an FHA mortgage loan is what you need? That’s okay too! Just give us a call and we’ll find out which mortgage options will work best for you and then we’ll get you approved! Call now at (954)-916-2742.

Do I Qualify? Contact Us To Find Out!

It is not difficult to qualify for a mortgage. If you work with my firm, in general if you have a minimum income of about $30,000 annual and a FICO score no lower than 500 points, you should be fine.

I have all type of mortgage programs, so feel free to call me and let’s talk about your situation. After speaking with me you will know if you qualify or not, and what will be your next steps to buy your own home.