Getting Approved for a Florida Home Loan

How to Get Approved for a Florida Mortgage

The first step to buy a house is to get qualify by me. In order to get a pre approval letter I will need the following information from you:

  • Taxes from last two years all pages from people applying
  • W2s and/or 1099s from last two years from people applying
  • Last 2 paystubs from jobs
  • Date of birth and current address from people applying

You can send that information via email to or fax to 954-916-2601. Once I receive your information it takes me 24-48 hours to pre underwrite your file and tell you if you qualify or not and for how much money. This is the first step, because if you qualify then I will give you an approval letter that your realtor will need in order to show you properties and put a contract on the property you choose.

How Long Before Buying a House I should Get Pre Approved?

It does not matter if you are thinking on buying your house tomorrow or 6 months from now. You should get pre-approved today. The reason is because if you need to do anything before, like for example working on your FICO score, cash to close, etc. then you will be able to start working right away in order to make sure that you will qualify for a mortgage. There is no cost on getting pre-approved by my firm. Contact us today to learn more

With mortgage rates continuing to decline, there’s starting to be a pull in applications for mortgages. June 14, 2017

There’s never been a better time to get pre-approved for a Florida home loan mortgage. Current homeowners can simply take advantage of when mortgage rates drop by applying for a Florida mortgage home loan plan. But how do you get on-board with the process of approval for a Florida home mortgage loan exactly?

Pre-Approval Process for Mortgages in Florida

The best way to get started with the process of approval for Florida mortgages is simply to first get pre-approved. Regardless as to whether you need an immediate move or are looking for a Florida home loan mortgage months in advance, it is recommended you start with getting pre-approved as soon as possible. Starting the pre-approval process early for a Florida mortgage home loan plan can benefit you because it will help you discover any matters you may need to handle prior to a complete approval for the mortgage. For instance, you may find that you need to work on boosting your credit score to get it to an average or ideal place.

At My Florida Mortgages, I have the best interest for of my current and potential clients who have the desire to purchase a home. It is my mission to help you in every way I can throughout the process of an approval for home mortgage loans in Florida, which is why there are no fees to get pre-approved at my firm.

Pre-Approval Letter

Upon pre-approval for your Florida home loan mortgage, a pre-approval letter will be issued. This official document illustrates the amount that was approved for your home loan. The information can then be forwarded to realtors and sellers, which will show how interested and serious you are about purchasing the home. When you are ready to make a purchase offer for a home, the pre-approval letter will state how the mortgage loan has already been approved and can be issued when additional documentation is provided. These pieces needed for submission include the purchase contract, preliminary title details, house appraisal, and your current annual salary as well as a list of assets. It is important to know, however, that pre-approval may only be valid for a select period of time.

Tips for Being Approved for Florida Mortgages

Credit Score Check

Even though getting pre-approved is a great way to begin, it can benefit you even more for you to get a jump start on your own by revisiting your credit and background information. Knowing this information can help you get an idea of what the outcome may look like for when you are trying to get a pre-approval for Florida mortgages.

Collect Forms

Knowing some additional basic information like your current annual income and income from the past couple of years can also help you prepare. Documentation will also be required, so digging around for W-2 forms and pay stubs or requesting proof of income ahead of time can save you the trouble for later.

Know Your Assets

Besides having your information of your income, you may also need to provide a list of any assets you may have. Creating this beforehand can save you time later.


You will need to provide personal identification information, such as your driver’s license and social security card number to run credit and background checks.

These are just a few pointers to help guide you in the right direction toward the approval process for a Florida mortgage home loan plan. If you are ready to get the process started or would like to see if you are pre-approved for mortgages in Florida, then I strongly recommend you contact me today!